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Serving Queens NY, North, East, South and West, this is duct cleaning at its best.

You work hard to ensure that your home is clean and safe for your family, but hazardous toxins may be hiding in places the eye can’t see. 

Allergens like dust, pet hair, and mold accumulate inside your air duct system over time, resulting in your indoors getting contaminated and posing serious risks to your health. This is where our experts can help.

We can remove all dust, dirt, debris, and irritants that might cause disease or allergies using specialized equipment. Our professional and affordable services guarantee that the air you breathe indoors is clean, fresh, and healthy, just as it should be.

Sam White

Rockaway Duct Clean did an amazing job on our ducts and we are so happy with the results! Our home feels so much cleaner and fresher now. Thank you so much for your hard work!

Susan Dean

Thank you, Rockaway Duct Clean for the amazing job you did on my ducts! No more bad smell in my house and improved air circulation. You are the best!

Laura Berrones

I was a little hesitant to call Rockaway Duct Clean at first, but I’m so glad I did! They did an amazing job on my ducts and vents. Very experienced and professional!

Tim Nossem

I was confused why my home had a smell although I clean it regularly. Rockaway Duct Clean was recommended and they did a fantastic job! The ducts were full of dust and they cleaned it all out. Great work!

Local and Honest Company with Great Reviews

Ever since we started out, we have made customer satisfaction our number one priority. We continue to exceed our customers’ expectations every day, and are humbled that we have so many amazing reviews to prove it.

No Hidden Costs or Fees

When you choose Rockaway Duct Clean, you will be given a free quote that is as accurate as possible, so there will not be any nasty surprises later down the line. We will not begin any work until our customers are satisfied with our price estimate.

Holistic Services

Our experts have unmatched experience and are equipped with all the tools and materials necessary to provide solutions for any duct system. We can clean on most makes and models to be absolutely spotless, in both residential and commercial properties.

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How To Know If Your Ducts Need Cleaning?

There are usually some warning signs that your duct system needs to be cleaned, and they shouldn’t be ignored. Our experts here at Rockaway have come together to produce a list of these warnings:

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular air duct cleaning is important to maintain the effectiveness of the system and keep it clean from dust and bacteria, which results in healthy, fresh air for your property and reduced harm to everyone inside.

For most modern or large air duct cleaning, professional service is always recommended as it requires specialized tools, such as a high-power vacuum and rotary brushes, to properly clean deep into the unit.

We use a combination of compressed air and high-power vacuums to remove all traces of dust and dirt. We use some of the best equipment in the industry for our power vacuums and to air sweep, which allows us to ensure our results are fast and effective.

A clean system operates far more efficiently and uses less energy. If your ducts have never been cleaned, it’s likely that your overall energy consumption will drop significantly once we’ve finished the job. Regular cleaning also extends the life of your duct system and helps avoid needing to pay for a new complete unit in years to come.

There are many benefits of having us clean your air duct system, including a healthier and more hygienic living environment, removal of unpleasant smells, easier breathing, and reduced allergies.

Rockaway Duct Clean

We are one of the top residential and commercial duct cleaning businesses in Queens, so you can count on us to deliver the best attention to detail and overall results, accompanied by exceptional customer service standards. Our experts at Rockaway Duct Clean are unmatched in their knowledge, as well as their experience. We take our clients’ needs and requirements extremely seriously, and it reflects in our company’s growth. 

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You will notice, feel and smell the difference straight away!

Transform the air quality of your home or business today. Choose us for a future full of healthy and fresh air.

Our Services

Did you know that the average person spends 60% to 90% of their days indoors, and 20% of illnesses are caused or complicated by poor air quality? (American Lung Association & EPA.) Every property accumulates debris and air pollutants over time due to a variety of factors. Fear not, our full air duct cleaning service will leave your property with pure, safe air for everyone inside.

The 6-Step Method:

Step 1: Locate access to vents as well as the supply and return lines.

Step 2: Our experts will use a commercial, high-powered vacuum to suck all particles of dust and dirt out of the duct.

Step 3: The supply and return lines with be cleaned with a vacuum combined with powerful agitation tools.

Step 4: We will clean the furnace, blower, and A-coil. (optional)

Step 5: We will close and seal all panels and plugs, and ensure no dust is left behind.

Step 6: We will share our before and after photos with you and make some suggestions to help keep your system clean and efficient for years to come.

Cleaning your dryer vents is an important part of maintaining the safety and efficiency of your house, and it’s often overlooked.

Having your dryer vents cleaned by professionals will give you complete peace of mind. Not only will we deep clean your dryer, but we will ensure it is less of a fire risk, dries your clothes faster, and even saves you money on your energy bills.

Safer Homes

Dryers have a bad reputation for sparking fires. These “dryer fires” are mostly down to one culprit: a lack of air in the vents. Fortunately, these fires may be avoided with our dryer service and maintenance on a regular basis.

Regular bathroom exhaust fan servicing is strongly recommended by our team of air duct experts at Rockaway. Our Bathroom Fan service ensures:

  • Effective and continuous ventilation in bathroom
  • Operation that is powerful and silent
  • Longer life of the bathroom fan
  • Indoor air quality that is clean and moisture-free

Mold, warped doors, and peeled finishes may all result from excess moisture in your bathroom. Our technicians know that it’s usually too late before we choose to fix the cause of these damages. The best way to avoid these problems is to have your bathroom fan system professionally cleaned and maintained on a regular basis by one of our highly trained and certified indoor air experts.