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Mold Around AC Vents

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    Mold around AC vents is a serious problem and can be quite a hassle to deal with.

    It is disgusting, and it is toxic.

    Whether you are wondering where the mold in your ducts came from or whether you want to find ways to get rid of that mold, this article is just for you.

    Why Does Mold Grow In AC Vents

    The growth of mold around AC vents is bound to happen because of the excessive warmth and moisture present in the ducts.

    Mold spores that support the growth of mold are present in the air around us.

    When they are met with moisture, they can combine to become mold.

    When the warm air comes over in contact with the cold metal surface of the vents, it can cause condensation and create a damp environment that fosters the growth of mold.

    Another reason for mold in AC vents is a large air conditioning unit that turns off before the air in the vent has de-humifided—thus creating an extra damp environment for the mold.

    How To Know If There Is Mold In Your Air Duct

    Functioning without an HVAC in a hot and humid climate can be close to impossible.

    But sometimes, along with the cool air, other guests could also take passage into your household via your AC ducts.

    Some of these can actually be harmful, such as mold-infected air.

    Here are some of the symptoms you need to be wary of when using your air conditioner that indicate the presence of mold around AC vents.

    Musty Odor

    One of the first signs of mold is when you begin to smell this musty odor around your house.

    It almost always indicates the presence of mold and can actually be quite harmful to inhale.

    Especially if the odor comes over when the AC is switched on, it is time for vent cleaning.

    Allergy Symptoms

    Allergies could have other reasons too.

    However, if you face severe coughing, sneezing, or red eyes, it could indicate that there is mold in your vents.

    Especially if your allergy is not seasonal or genetic, it could be a red flag.

    Black Dust

    If you switch on the AC and notice black dust blowing in from the AC vents, then it is time to get your ducts cleaned and checked.

    This dust can be toxic and can also spread mold spores around your house, which can yield the growth of fungus on carpets and furniture too.

    Reach out to us for professional duct cleaning services if you suspect mold growth.

    How To Get Rid Of Mold In AC Vents

    The biggest problem with getting mold out of your house is that it almost always comes back again.

    This is because the mold has not been properly cleaned so the spores still find a way to regrow.

    For cleaning mold in AC vents, it would be best to seek professional help from Rockaway Duct Clean.

    We use top-notch cleaning practices, abiding by all safety regulations to ensure that no hazards remain for you or your family.

    Some safety precautions we recommend you to follow as well include wearing gloves and a mask alongside switching off your AC to avoid inhaling or getting in contact with the fungus.

    Here are some of the ways we help you get rid of mold in your AC ducts.

    First, you will need to make your cleaning solution.

    We recommend using bleach, baking soda, or dishwashing soap to help you get started.

    Take any chemical from above and mix it with equal parts water.

    Next up, use a long bristled brush to remove any large chunks of fungus, debris, and cobwebs.

    We do not recommend vacuuming because if you use the same vacuum in your house, the mold spores can reach your house.

    Once the major trash has been cleared up, it is time to get your vents cleaned.

    Use any rag or old piece of cloth and dip it in your cleaning solution.

    Using rigorous hand motions, use the rag to clean the ducts for a good 15 minutes.

    You can even detach the air vents and dip them into the solution if you have an excess of them.

    After continuous scrubbing, it is time to let the vents dry thoroughly.

    Wash again just with water and dry the vents completely before re-attaching again.

    The Bottom Line

    In this article, we have covered everything and anything you need to know about mold in air vents.

    If you notice any signs of mold in your ducts, it is best to contact us.

    As a professional cleaning company, Rockaway Duct Clean provides you with state-of-the-art cleaning services.

    As the best air duct cleaning company in Queens, we can easily help you get rid of mold around AC vents.

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