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Queens Air Quality – Causes Of Air Pollution In Queens

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    If, like us, you also feel like the world around us is getting dirtier, the air more potent and toxic?

    Then you aren’t wrong.

    Air pollution, in particular, has reached alarming levels across the world, including in Queens.

    And it is expected to get worse by the day.

    But who or what is to blame for Queen’s air quality?

    Do we blame our transport network or our industries, or ourselves?

    The causes of air pollution in Queens are varied and involve both individual as well as collective efforts that make the air around us toxic to deal with.

    Some of these causes are directly linked to practices within our homes.

    Such as the HVAC units that make the air around us cooler but simultaneously contribute to rising air pollution.

    But before we go into how and why our air conditioners lead to air pollution, let us acquaint you with some generic causes of bad air in Queens.

    Causes Of Air Pollution In Queens

    It is no surprise that lately, Queen’s air quality has been on the verge of decline because of rapid urbanization.

    The surge in transport and industrialization implies that we are burning more fuel than we should and thus contributing excessively towards air pollution.

    Thus house waste plus industrial waste are leading causes of excessive and widespread pollution in Queens and surrounding areas.

    How Your AC Is Causing Air Pollution

    Your AC may be doing the world more harm than good.

    It is often one of those pollutants we generally ignore when trying to devise strategies to curb air pollution.

    As with all issues, the solution can only be ascertained once the cause has been understood properly.

    Here are some of the ways your HVAC system may be causing pollution.

    Use Of Too Much Of Energy

    This one should have been quite obvious.

    We all know that fuels lead to energy wastage.

    They contribute to global warming as well as release toxic compounds like carbon monoxide, sulfur, and lead that contribute collectively to bad air quality.

    They can also cause acid rain and breathing problems.

    Conclusively, the more AC you use, the more energy you consume, the more fuels are burnt off, and thus higher levels of pollutants are released into the atmosphere.

    Chlorofluorocarbons Wreak Havoc

    Certain kinds of HVAC systems use chlorofluorocarbons, or CFC for short.

    CFCs are only a major cause of concern in case of leakage from your AC or refrigeration system.

    These little particles of CFC go and rise up into the stratosphere, where they come in contact with the ozone layer and deplete it.

    A depleted ozone layer implies that the earth can not effectively shield itself against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

    Unclean Ducts

    An unclean air duct is linked more with indoor air pollution rather than an external one.

    If you are concerned about breathing in toxic air within your household, then it is time for vent cleaning or duct cleaning.

    Contact a trusted professional cleaning surface such as Queens Air Duct Cleaning.

    It is highly likely that all the world’s dust or debris has accumulated in your air vents.

    When the AC system is switched on, it is not just conditioned air that flows into your household but also dust particles that find a way to your house.

    This can result in breathing problems for you and your loved ones.

    Ways To Prevent This Pollution

    While you can not eliminate all the air pollution in the world, we can certainly devise ways to prevent this pollution.

    At least play our part.

    To meet this, we suggest that you first avoid using AC and cooling systems which make use of CFCs.

    This could play a significant role in the future.

    Next up, we suggest using your HVAC for limited time periods only and not 24 hours.

    This prevents the excessive usage of electricity and saves precious fuels without contributing to global warming or acid rain.

    Another way you can reduce this pollution is by regularly cleaning you’re ac vents and ducts so that you are aware of how clean the air inside your house is.

    The Bottom Line

    We have shown you some of the major ways in which your AC may be contributing to deteriorating air quality in Queens.

    We have also jotted down several ways in which you can play your part in reducing the damage.

    Regular air duct cleaning and vent cleaning can help you get rid of some of these toxins.

    Reach out to us at Queens Air Duct Cleaning for more services like these.

    We are an air duct cleaning company in Queens striving to make the world cleaner, one step at a time.

    Together we can play our part in improving Queen’s air quality!

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